Group Status

The BozemanLUG meets on a monthly basis. We typically meet on the first Thursday of the month. Meeting accouncements are posted to the front page via the Events Calendar. This seciton of the website is mostly here for historical reasons so don't go by the dates here for a sign of life. The BozemanLUG is alive and meeting regularly... yes, in 2015.

Brief History

Ken Dyke founded the BozemanLUG in the Spring of 2001. While I attended several of the early meetings, my memory about the forming of the group is quite sketchy. I believe it was an offshoot of the Unix Users Group.

Ken Dyke moved to Helena in mid 2005 and continued to coordinate meetings. In Sept. 2005, Scott Dowdle (formerly with the BillingsLUG) move to the Bozeman area and took over coordination of the group.

On early Monday morning, October 29th, 2007 Ken Dyke passed away in a Helena hospital as a result of cancer. We'll miss you Ken!

Photo Gallery

Check out the fairly recent BozemanLUG photo gallery.

Membership and Members List

The BozemanLUG is a rather informal group without any type of formal membership.

Partial Member List
Paul Arnot (periodic)
David Boreham (mostly mailing list, great presentation about once a year)
Gary Bummer (regular)
Scott Dowdle (regular)
David Eder (regular)
Derek Hildreth (newer)
Kevin Locke (semi-regular, lives in Helena area now)
Charles McGuire (rarely, lives outside of Butte)
Walter Neary (rarely, lives in Manhattan)
Patrick Pitman
Rob Potter (pretty darn regular now)
Daniel Simser (rarely)
Ben Sutter (new visitor, hopefully regular soon)
Daniel Wilson (rarely)

Honorary Members
Anish Babu Bharata (MSU graduate)
Martin Bourque (works for MSU ITC)
Lou Caudell (moved to Florida?)
Chris Ching (moved to Helena)
Rusty Conover (still working in Bozeman area?)
Srinivas Prasad Gumdelli (MSU graduate who moved to Omaha)
Seth Humphries
Levi Junkert (living in CA now)
Randall Reynolds (MSU graduate)
Sheldon Ross (moved to Helena)
Warren Sanders (Billings)
Jordan Schatz (moved to the Seattle area?)
Jeffrey Sharkey (works for Google in CA now)
Rich Shattuck (works for MSU ITC)
Mike Stone (moved to the Denver area)

Inactive Members
Lisa Bogar (works for MSU ITC)

Posthumous Members
Edward Dunagin
Ken Dyke (founder)

Meeting Information


The BozemanLUG meets at the following location:

Montana State University Bozeman
Engineering and Physical Sciences Building, Room 259 (EPS259)
Bozeman, MT 59717

Parking is available in the pay lot on the Southwest corner of S. 7th Avenue and W. Grant Street. At the start time of the meeting, the pay lot is still charging and you must pull a ticket to enter the lot. By the time the meeting is over, the pay lot is no longer charging and the entry barrier is open... so effectively, parking is free. NOTE: Those last few sentences are outdated (and just left in for historical context) as the pay lot is no longer attended and there is a payment card reading system there now. You can park on the street though or pay for parking in the lot. Just be aware of posted parking signs and follow them so you don't get ticketed.


BozemanLUG meetings are generally on the FIRST Thursday of the month unless it conflicts with a holiday. Please check the Events calendar in the left-hand column to see the meetings scheduled for all of the LUGs in Montana including the BozemanLUG. Meetings USED to be the LAST Thursday of the month, but we changed it to the FIRST Thursday in Jan. 2013.

There is also a shared Zimbra calendar with all of the LUG meeting information available for those with iCal compatible calendar applications:

Please note that we are cheap and use a self-signed SSL certificate rather than a store bought one... so it is ok to disregard the SSL Certificate warning if you encounter it.

Meetings start at 7:00 PM and have no formal ending time but usually end around 9PM or later.

Mailing List and Web Site

Mailing List

The BozemanLUG maintains a mailing list. For more information or to subscribe, please visit the BozemanLUG Mailing List page.

Web Site

The original page for the BozemanLUG was but now the BozemanLUG book on here is preferred.

BozemanLUG members are encouraged to sign up for an account here on and use the services provided by the site.