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The BozemanLUG meets on a monthly basis. We typically meet on the first Thursday of the month. Meeting accouncements are posted to the front page via the Events Calendar. This seciton of the website is mostly here for historical reasons so don't go by the dates here for a sign of life. The BozemanLUG is alive and meeting regularly... yes, in 2015.

Brief History

Ken Dyke founded the BozemanLUG in the Spring of 2001. While I attended several of the early meetings, my memory about the forming of the group is quite sketchy. I believe it was an offshoot of the Unix Users Group.

Ken Dyke moved to Helena in mid 2005 and continued to coordinate meetings. In Sept. 2005, Scott Dowdle (formerly with the BillingsLUG) move to the Bozeman area and took over coordination of the group.

On early Monday morning, October 29th, 2007 Ken Dyke passed away in a Helena hospital as a result of cancer. We'll miss you Ken!

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What the hey? A MT linux user group???

I never knew you folks existed until today when I was attempting to hook up a Sandisk Clip to Ubuntu 10.04 and did a google search for info. Although I am currently working in Oregon, my wife and home are in Bozeman. I first forayed into Linux around 95 when I came across an article in PC Magazine in the library, the old library that is. The article talked about the free unix operating system distribution called Linux and you could get a distro called Yggdrasil. I was working on my thesis using the YNP GIS system running Solaris Unix using both GRASS and ArcInfo. So, I installed Yggdrasil Linux and GRASS as a grand experiment.

When I worked briefly for the NRCS in Bozeman I received an award for setting up a low cost Linux CD Rom servers for our GIS work using SuSE. I also received a cash award for hacking a computer with BSD installed. The employee had unexpectedly died and they didn't have clue how to get around the password. I had an idea based on my experience with Linux and ...voile! But Linux is sooo much easier nowadays,neh?

I've never looked back. I am currently running two AMD64s, one dual boot Mint Linux/XP and the other Ubuntu Lucid (I'm on this system as I write). I also have a laptop with Ubuntu Lucid/Vista that I take to work. I rarely visit the XP/Vista side because there is really little need to, but I do enjoy the challenge of setting up a dual boot. Plus, XP/Vista is there just in case something comes up, such as Netflix (but my connection is too slow for that to function anyway.)

Anyway, long winded but I wanted to say howdy. I will eventually be back to Bozeman in a couple of years, or I land a job closer to home.

Take care,

My Brother Ken

Kenneth Dyke passed away this morning October 29, 2007 at 4:17am.

Though we were not exceptionally close, he was my brother.
The last time I spoke with him, I was up in Washington at our Mothers house. I had travelled from California to meet my 10-yo daughter for the first time. We stayed up from about 10pm until 3am, talking about computers; I own an internet cafe in Twentynine Palms, CA. We also talked about the past, present and future.
It was a great time to be able to talk with him and garner some of his knowledge and expertise he has learned over the years. Please keep him in your thoughts, and pray for my mother, for Judy, our remaining brothers, and the rest of the family.


Ken Dyke

I hope this gets out to BozemanLUG members for me. Let me introduce myself, my name is Judy Thompson. I am Ken Dyke's significant other.

Last Thursday Ken found out that his aching back was not actually an on the job injury. As some of you might know, Ken had quite a battle with melanoma cancer over 2 years ago. We found out last Thursday that it has returned in full force. Friday the oncologist told us that he might have a few weeks to a month to live. He is currently under a heavy morphine regimen as it has spread to his vertebrae and liver as well as other important organs. If you want to try to email him, he might see it. As of yesterday he did get out of bed to check his email once. He was suppose to do some work for KCC, however he slept most of the day and forgot about it.

If anyone wishes they can email me off list (, call me at 406-431-0958 or stop by and see Ken. We live at 1690 Larson in Helena.

Ken's email is:

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