Billings LUG for August? please reply if interested


If there is any interest in a LUG in Billings this month please reply. My conference room is available each Thursday evening on the condition that there are a few people already planning on attending. rsvp. thanks

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MythTV Demonstration at June '07 BillingsLUG

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MythTV Screenshot

Thanks to everyone that showed at C4K in June for the MythTV presentation.

We successfully installed a complete digital video recorder system from scratch on a standard PC. The final product displayed its ability to watch live TV, pause and rewind live TV and record shows. The guide data is very nifty and pulled across the internet from zap2it. Which has recently announced that they will be discontinuing that service. So the MythTV developers are hard at work attempting to come up with a better (and hopefully truly open) solution.

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