Videos: 2012

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Bruce Perens was one of the keynote speakers at the 2012 conference held in Ballarat, Australia January 16-20, 2012. I really enjoyed his presentation so I'm sharing it below. The folks have posted videos for all of their presentations to their YouTube channel. I downloaded all of them and posted them to an LCA2012 page. They are also available in ogg format.

LCA2012-Keynote-Bruce_Perens.webm (168.1 MB)

Video: Ubuntu 11.10 Review

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For our Ubuntu fans as well as those who just want to learn about the upcoming release, I found this on youtube. I was hoping for HTML5 playback option, but this seems to be Flash only. The review was done from a recent release candidate that I believe will be the final release due out this Thursday. I still prefer KDE myself. :)

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