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Video: Super Privileged Containers

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For anyone who hasn't seen this yet who is interested in containers, this is a must see. Watch Red Hat's SELinux guru Dan Walsh explain and demo Super Privileged Containers from the Red Hat Summit 2015. Enjoy!

For those who are iFrame challenged, here's the direct YouTube link:

Video: Demystifying systemd (RHS 2015)

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I haven't watched this yet... but I'm sure it is a new classic... with a title like Demystifying systemd. There are a number of awesome videos from Red Hat Summit 2015 so check them out.

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Videos: Red Hat Summit 2011

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Red Hat held their annual Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conferences in Boston from May 3-6, 2011. I've yet to be able to attend a Red Hat Summit but I do search the web for information and videos from it.

Red Hat announced a number of new developments including OpenShift (Platform as a Service) and CloudForms (Infrastructure as a Service). Basically Red Hat continues to sponsor development on a large number of open source projects and bundles them together into more comprehensive solutions. I haven't yet done enough reading to speak intelligently about either of those... but give me some time... although they do seem primarily oriented towards the "enterprisey" folks.

The thread that runs through most of the videos is that yeah, the "CLOUD" is a big bunch of hype these days... so much so the world doesn't have any meaning. Red Hat wants you to know that all of the big public clouds are based on open source and that there are a lot of tangible products and benefits to be found once you cut through the hype.

Red Hat released 28 videos from Red Hat Summit and posted them to their website. They were available in ogg and mp4 formats so I downloaded them all, converted them to webm format (300Kbit video, 64Kbit audio, 20 FPS) and posted them to honoring the Creative Commons license they posted them under. Posting them on means they won't be hard to find a year from now like they will be on Red Hat's site, and the re-encoding I did means they are smaller files and easier to stream online or download.

Many of the videos are very business speak but there are some session videos that actually have a bit of technical meat to them. You can find all of the videos here:

As a teaser video, I'll include inline the recap video they made for the event:

If you don't see the video in your browser, download the desired video with the links below and watch them locally with your preferred media player. I recommend VLC.

Bela Ban, Geographic Failover for JBoss Clusters 142.8 MB
Keynote - Brian Stevens, Red Hat CTO 125.5 MB
Keynote - Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO 51.6 MB
Day One Reactions 6.3 MB
Keynote - General Shelton, Red Hat Chairman of the Board 22.8 MB
Keynote - Inna Kuznetsova, IBM VP 68.1 MB
Keynote - Jeremy Gutsche, Founder 104.6 MB
Keynote - Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO 94.3 MB
Keynote - John Newton, Alfresco CEO and Chairman 79.4 MB
Keynote - Lew Tucker, Cisco CTO for Cloud 66.5 MB
Keynote - Paul Cormier, Red Hat EVP 56.8 MB
Keynote - Paul Daugherty, Accenture Chief Technology Architect 50.1 MB
Keynote - Pauline Nist, Intel GM of Mission Critical Segment 72.4 MB
Innovation Award Winners 10.4 MB
JBoss - Mike Amburn and Chris Bredesen , Building a Customer Portal 96.4 MB
Chris Wright, Overview and Roadmap of Virtualization 178.7 MB
John Shakshoeber, Performance Analysis and Tuning of RHEL PT1 161.5 MB
John Shakshoeber, Performance Analysis and Tuning of RHEL PT2 153.8 MB
Tim Burke, RHEL Roadmap PT1 150.7 MB
Tim Burke, RHEL Roadmap PT2 146.1 MB
Andy Cathrow, RHEV Roadmap 114.6 MB
Thomas Cameron, Red Hat Network Satellite Power User Tips and Tricks PT1 158.1 MB
Thomas Cameron, Red Hat Network Satellite Power User Tips and Tricks PT2 115.1 MB
Michael Ferris, Red Hat in the Cloud 95.7 MB
Gordon Haff, Trends in Cloud Computing 92.1 MB
Keynote - Steve Dietch, HP VP of Marketing for Cloud Solutions 62.7 MB
Joint Expert Panel 88.7 MB
Red Hat Summit and JBoss World Recap 12.1 MB
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